No fax pro widget in freepbx 14 distro (upgraded)

I upgraded from freepbx distro 12 to 13 and then immediately to 14. I have the commercial fax pro module but cannot access fax from the ucp. It seems there should be a separate widget for fax but I don’t see one. There are several widgets (voicemail, follow-me, etc) but nothing for fax. Perhaps I am misunderstanding how to access the fax feature in the new ucp but I cannot find it.

Any help finding it or debugging the issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Make sure FaxPro is enabled, then check in user management if you have enabled fax

Thank you for your reply. I have verified that the fax configuration pro module is enabled (and I tried disabling and re-enabling it). I have also verified that fax is enabled for the user I am testing in user manager.module. I further thought that there might be a sub-tab for fax under the ucp tab in user manager (like there is for voicemail, etc) but I didn’t see anything under the ucp tab referring to fax.

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