No FAX modules detected!

I am getting the following error/warning

“ERROR: No FAX modules detected! Fax-related dialplan will NOT be generated. This module requires Fax for Asterisk or spandsp based app_fax or app_rxfax to function.”

I have the following installed
Fax Configuration2.8.0.5 Enabled
Free Fax For Asterisk

What else should I try?

What I’m I missing when I try to load the modules per the doc above I get:

-bash: module: command not found

I followed the steps above and download the files and expanded the tar files and copied them to the modules folder.

Pls be nice I’m new at this.

Are the fax modules loaded? Have you followed the directions for FFA?
Please download and read the manual here:

Thanks that got rid of the error but now I’m trying to work out how to set things up so that all faxes get e-mailed to a particular address. Do I need to create another extension to receive the fax?