No email notification for module updates

FreePBX 14 Distro

I have been running FreePBX 14 Distro since 11/2018.
I have always gotten email notifications for system updates.
I have never gotten an email notification for a module update.
I scheduled a check for this morning.
/var/log/asterisk/freepbx.log shows that a check found 26 modules available for update.
/var/log/maillog does not show any attempt to send email.

See attached screenshot of FreePBX Alerts settings.

It turns out that this is a bug in libraries/Console/Moduleadmin.class.php.
Emails are sent only when Automatic Module Updates is set to “Enabled”.
They should also be sent when set to “Email Only”.
I have submitted an issue with a tested patch.

Note: AFAIK, everyone who has Automatic Module Updates set to “Enabled” should be seeing this problem.

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