No DTMF in AGI Scripts

I have installed Freepbx 2.4 and Asterisk 1.4.21. Everything works fine except any AGI script that tries to read DTMF data
like pbdirectory fail. No digits are ever returned, only timeouts. IVR’s seem to read and process DTMF just fine.

(I have also downgraded Asterisk to 1.4.19 and the same problem persists)

Any help?

Also, DTMF in VoiceMail are not recognized either. If you dial *98 no mailbox numbers or passwords
are ever seen.

sounds like dtmf detection is not set correctly for your trunk. Check what your trunk is sending and match the settings.

I am having this problems with both calls from trunks and internal calls as well (dialing *98 from a local extension). All devices have
as well as this setting in sip.conf and iax_additonal.conf.
All trunks have this set for the outgoing settings. The incoming settings for all trunks has been left blank.

Have you tried setting dtmfmode=inband and seeing if that works?

Internally I can see DTMF’s but not on inbound calls.

Did you ever figure out what was going on?