No DTMF Detection on PJSIP Channel

Just switched a customer over to all PJSIP for Trunks and Extensions - They also have 2 DAHDI channels and the reason we switched is that their Internet connection goes down several times a day (and can’t be fixed because of carrier apathy and financial restraints of switching to something better) so we wanted to have the SIP Trunks fail over to the 2 DAHDI lines if the Internet was down - That works just like it should - Internet goes down, lines fail to POTS and we can still call in and hit options on the IVR.

Problem is if everything is working and the calls come in on PJSIP, when you hit the IVR, you can’t press anything - nothing is detected.

I know I am sending the DTMF because if it hits the DAHDI channels, it works.

Has anyone else seen this?

Someone recently commented on this forum that pjsip isn’t recommended for trunks yet. But that it was fine for extensions. Recommended to use chanSIP still for trunks.

Yeah,but then it hangs when there is no Internet.

Like right now - Tried to get on the box and I can’t reach anything at their office - but I just called in, hit the DAHDI trunks and it is still working.

Does the customer have a dynamic IP or static?

Static - Gave up and switched the Trunk back to SIP - Seems to work OK and still let the PJSIP extensions talk to the POTS lines, so I think it’s a good solution for now - just wish I could stick with at most 2 channel drivers (DAHDI and PJSIP).