No DND or Unavailable XML Status BLF hint

I’m trying to get a rich BLF status out of FreePBX (16.0.14, AST 18.9.0) for reading it out with Snom phones and switching the LED in different colours.
The hints seem to be auto-generated and the are listed in the Asterisk Information Page

[email protected] : PJSIP/215&Custom:DND State:Busy Presence: Watchers 3
[email protected] : PJSIP/215&Custom:DND State:Ringing Presence: Watchers 3
[email protected] : PJSIP/215&Custom:DND State:InUse Presence: Watchers 3
[email protected] : PJSIP/215&Custom:DND State:Idle Presence: Watchers 3

Problem 1: The devices never turn Unavailable even when removed for hours and Server restart. So no NOTIFY SIP/XML is sent to the watchers, so you can’t see when a phone is unavaiable on the BLF Button.

Problem 2: The Asterisk information page makes a difference between DND (busy) and while speaking (InUse), but the resulting Notify XML Message makes no difference between those 2 states. I’ve tried a subscription for “dialog-info” and for “presence”. Dialog shows confirmed when starting Call/DND and terminated when ending Call/DND. Presence shows On the phone and Ready.
How can I work out different states for Call and DND. The information is present in the system but the XML Notify doesn’t work 1:1 to the systems state. :thinking:
Holding status is not recognized at all, just looks like a call and nothing changes. But Hold status is not so important.
I’ve already seen posts dealing with this, but it never reproduced my case.
Does anybody know how this behaviour can be fixed?

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