No dial tone when making outgoing calls - but works!?

Hello - this is probably a very basic question/problem, but I have problems finding the right words to “google”…

What I use: Asterisknow, updated with yum, and updated to Freepbx 2.7. SPA8000 for analogue telephones.

Everything works as expected, except there is no dialing tone after we make outgoing calls… Not really a problem, since the calls actually goes through, but extremely annoying!

Any help greatly appreciated.

You need to clarify “no dialtone after we make outgoing calls.” Are you saying that the first call you make, when you pick up the phone you get a dial tone and then you don’t get one afterwards? Or are you accustomed to dialing a prefix for an outside line and getting a second dial tone?

The SPA8000 dial plan can generate a second dial tone after a prefix digit or code.

When I pick up the phone I get the normal dial tone just as I expect. I then call an external phone (like my cell phone), and I hear no dialing tone. But my cell phone rings, even though my analogue phone is dead silent.

I hope this helps my explanation of the problem.

Whooo, this was difficult to explain…

Everything works as expected, it’s just that I hear no sound in the analogue phone I press to my ear when waiting for someone to answer.

I thought “ring tone” was the sound the receiving phone make until someone pick it up?

You mean ring tone?

My case is more weird. I have dial tone, then if I dial a 519-xxx-xxxx I have the same problem: I don’t hear the ring, and the other side is ringing. This is done through a PRI.

Calling from a different PBX through a SIP trunk, it works fine.

As I said, only for calls to 519-xxx-xxxx!!!

I have experienced the 2 similar issues to the ones identified here on a much earlier switch which I had set up.

    • I had a switch set up with a IAX trunk and SIP phones. The problem I saw was that I would get a dial tone, but no ringback tone. I also had the occasionaly one way audio. - To resolve this I made sure that my phones communicated on the same protocol as the switch (i.e. SIP trunk and SIP phones).
    • Firewall problems. I found that my router was creating SIP transfer problems, which resulted in no ‘ringback’. To resolve this issue I set my sip providers IP address as a trusted source so that all connections completely bypassed the firewall.

I hope either of these help.

I’m experiencing the same issue. When dialing outbound Numbers I get a dial tone, but after dialing the number there is silence (no ringing) until the call connects. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.