No Device Options when adding extensions after recent update

Hey everyone, I have tracked down an issue with an update that was released yesterday (I believe). If I add a new sip extension, I typically give it a sip secret and choose Nat option. Later, after the extension is created I can go back and tweak sip port, deny/permit, etc. There is no option for this when I add a new extension. Also, this extension doesn’t show up in asterisk console when performing “sip show peers”. The existing extensions I created before updating the framework/core show all the device options under “This device uses SIP technology” and shows in asterisk console.

I found a way to work around this issue. If I go to advanced settings and choose “Show all Device Setting on Add” and make it true, I am able to see the device options and the extension gets added and shows up in the asterisk console.

In summary, it seems that if “Show all Device Setting on Add” isn’t true in advanced settings, extensions get added in freepbx gui without device options and never gets added to asterisk.

Anyone else updated to the latest framework/core and see this error? I wish I new exactly what update did this. I think it was something that was released on the 9th of July (core).


Here is my current version info:

FreePBX 2.10

FreePBX ARI Framework
FreePBX Framework

I just did a sanity check to make sure nothing dumb got checked in and it seems to be working fine???

I realized that I had an image of this machine (bare-metal) before I applied any updates and it was known to be working OK. I created an extension just fine, then applied another update and tested to make sure I could add an extension, and so on until there were no more framework or core updates. I could never get the problem to happen even once I got everything to the same version as my problem machine.

If no one else has this issue, then I am going to chock this one up to a corrupt download for the update or just one of those those quirks that happen when the stars are all aligned.

Thanks for doing a sanity check Philippe.


I have the same problem. Most of the options are not available when configuring a new extension and when I go back to edit the extension, I can’t get to any of the features.
PBX Firmware: 1.816.210.58-1
PBX Service Pack:
FreePBX Net Distro 1.816.210.58

Same issue here as well. Can’t add new extensions in as any new ones won’t register with the phone server.


FreePBX ARI Framework
FreePBX Framework

Well, I found the problem in our case. I was creating Extension 297 in our system. After many hours of testing and digging through code I finally figured out what was happening. There was an existing Queue on the system assigned to 297. So, instead of not allowing us to create the extension and giving an error, it half-way created the extension.
In testing a few versions of FreePBX, here is what I found:
2.8 = Would NOT create a colliding extension (but no error as to why it didn’t create).
2.9 = WOULD create a colliding extension half way… extension won’t let you register and has the Missing device options area.
2.10 = SAME AS 2.9.

This seems like a pretty big issue to me. If I have a ring group, queue, or other destination with the SAME number as an Extension I am trying to add, the system should NOT allow that extension to be created and preferably tell the user WHY.

Interestingly enough, if you try and create a ring group or queue on an existing extension number, the system WILL show you an error message saying that the number is already in use. This functionality seems to have broken in the Extensions area for one reason or another…