No destination number in CDR for CFWDs

Hi Everyone

I’m having an issue whereby if I set a CFWD on an extension, the CDR will show the A Party number, the DID that they dialled on the PBX, but not the number the extension was forwarded to.

An example I’ve got is, 06355xxxx dials 06222xxxx (which is set to dial a single extension 300), extension 300 is CFWD Unconditional to 0800xxxxxx - calls go through fine, but in the CDR I do not see the number 0800xxxxxx anywhere, only 06355xxxx and 06222xxxx. It presents as a single call from 06355xxxx to 06222xxxx that got answered with no subsequent lines about the second outgoing call to 0800xxxxxx.

Please help!


Link to TXT file of Full Asterisk Log for this call forward.

A Party is 0272793399, calling B Party 062223000 which is call forwarded to 0800000000.
CDR does not have any reference to 0800000000 at all.

I can’t access Pastebin from this computer, but the first thing (based on past experience) that comes to mind when I hear this is that the phone is doing the call forward and not Asterisk. Now, even if that was the case (I’ll need to rely on people that can see the call log), the outbound call from the phone should be going through the PBX, so it should show up somewhere.

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