No dail tone on the IAX2 trunk

I created an IAX2 trunk between two asterisk servers and I can call extensions between the two servers. But when I call to the iax2 trunk, I get unavailable message.

For example, my trunk is 4567, when I dial 4567 from extension 4566, I will get unavailable message.

How can I set make the trunk accessible from extension? I mean can I dial to the trunk then get dial tone and dial extension number on the remote server?



You don’t do it that way. Just put an outbound route for the remote extension range on the local system and set the destination as your IAX trunk the remote system.

Additionally ensure that the outbound route is set to send the actual extension number located on the distant system and make the trunk context context=from-internal on the distant system. Calls will then route on the distant system as if they were originated internally.

maybe wrong. I don’t know PBX very much.

I have two asterisk servers as serverA and sserverB.

On A side, I have the trunk with device number 2025. On the other side the serverB, I have the trunk with device number 5052.

Is it possible for extension on serverA to dail 2025 and get dial tone then dial extension registered on serverB?

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I think you have your terminology mixed. It does not appear that you have created an IAX trunk between the server. It soulds like you created an IAX extension.


I have the trunk working. I want the trunk have dial tone when dial to the number of the trunk. Is it possible?

Take every thought of dialtone out of your head. There is no dialtone. The dialtone on the phone is simulated by the phone.

If the stations are numbered the same on both ends you simply need to add a prefix and strip it in the outbound route before you send the digits down the trunk.

So if you dial 52025 and set the outbound route to strip the 5 you will be able to reach remote extensions 2025 by dialing 52025.

Does this make sense?

Thanks for your reply.

Will not post this kind stupid question any mow.

I have one more question on the IAX trunk. When I dial extension 6789 from extension 3456. It will go through the trunk and on the phone 6789 will show CID of the trunk 6001. Can I forward the CID of 3456 to 6789 though the IAX trunk?