NO CDR Fresh intsall of AsteriskNOW

Is there something I need to do to get cdr working. I freshly loaded asteriskNOW 1.6 with freepbx right from the iso distro and still no cdr data, and nothing in asteriskcdrdb. I also can’t see the recordings in under call montor and .wav files do exists in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/

You need to find out what version of asterisk you are using. On your admin page, click on Tools and then Asterisk Info. It will tell you in big letters what version you are using. Mine says Asterisk (Ver. That means I am using the asterisk16 package. If yours says Asterisk (Ver. 1.4…) then you are using the asterisk14 package. Now you just need to install the corresponding asterisk-addons-mysql package. I would install asterisk16-addons-mysql, someone with asterisk14 would install asterisk14-addons-mysql.