No calls to/with pjsip extentions possible | trunk works perfect with IVR and co

Hey guy’s,

I’m a happy user from FreePBX since about five years now and had usually no issues with the system.

We decided to update the system incl. hardware upgrades and made a clear installation from FreePBX.

One small point isn’t working with the new installation,… all extensions are crashing when there are inbound or outbound calls.
When an extension will be used, the audio is not there and after 10-20 sec. the call will be canceled.
If I’m using the FritzBox DECT Phones, there is absolute no audio, I noticed today that calls with Zoiper are working sometimes half (Audio on Zoiper is working, so I hear the audio from my mobile),… and then it hangs up, too.

IVR’s and VoiceRecording for example are working perfectly, so the issue looks like is in the configuration from the Endpoints and related settings.

Unfortunately I didn’t find the error, so there is no other solution to ask somebody to help me here.

Thanks in advance


Usually I had here a LOT images with my configurations in, but I wasn’t able to post more then one image :slight_smile:
New users max. one picture,…

Extensions are always:
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IAX Settings
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Advanced Settings > Device Settings

Trunk Outgooing
Should work, here I used the restore from the old system
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Log with PJSIP Logging enabled

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