No caller ID on second incoming call


I have searched for the answer to this but cannot find anything specifically about it.

When a person is on the phone already with another call, and a second call comes into their phone on L2, the CID of the second call does not show up unless the person hits L2, making it the active call.

Is there a setting that would allow the CID of the second incoming call show up on the screen while L2 is ringing, so the person can determine if they want/need to take that call right away or just let it go to VM?

FreePBX version is 10.13.66-20 and the phones being used are Aastra 6867i (in case that is a factor)

Any hints/pointers/advice greatly appreciated (even a link to a page/document would be great)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You want to enable “switch focus to ringing line”. Note the the arrow buttons on the Aastra cycle through active lines.

Any solution for Grandstream phones? I can’t seem to find anything in endpoint manager of the base file.

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