No call history or recordings in ucp

I’m running freebx from the 6.12.65 distro and call recording is not working. In the extension page I have recording set to yes for all, and also have voicemail on. I’ve added a call recording under aplliactions/call recording but still nothing. There doesn’t seem to be a straightforward guide anywhere to correctly set this up, I found a couple of freepbx docs on it but I can’t get it working. Thanks for any help.

You need to go into User Management and allow the users under UCP tab permissions.

yes thankyou tony, that did it.

Hello @tonyclewis I have FreePBX and the call history is not recording even though I have activated UCP for extension 612.

And I have configured an account 613 as administrator to enter the ucp panel.

What I can be doing wrong?

Thank you

Sorry FreePBX 12 is not supported. You need to update.

Hello @tonyclewis any upgrade guide? Do you think my settings will break?

Axel P.

Get a backup and then follow updating instructions here:

Thanks, does the upgrade have any cost or is it still open source?


No cost, most modules are open source…

Have a nice day!