No browser addons will work

I have tried all of the browser addons for click to call I can find for chrome and firefox but none of them will work. They should be making my softphone ring and then dialing to an outside number but my softphone never rings. I also tried fop2 and it will not ring my softphone when dialing an extension from the fop2 page.

What can I do to troubleshoot this? There is obviously a configuration problem in freepbx/asterisk that I am missing.

Please contact support for the browser addons you’re trying to use. Fop2, for example, has a really good support, I’m lead to believe.

Does your soft phone work fine when you are using it regularly without trying any click to dial?
I mean does it register to your server, etc?

I am using FOP2 and it works really well. It has a chrome extension that you can use to click and dial numbers on websites, as well as click to dial other extensions in your environment of course. Support is also very competent.
But looks like you need to fix your Asterisk setup first.

You didn’t post a lot of information on your setup, so with that little bit you will have a hard time getting people respond to you with something you can use.