No Backups

I am using FreePBX to run a daily Backup of my server, it is running a complete backup of everything.

I know the FTP server works because when I tell it to run now, it does the backup and transfers it to my FTP server in the same network, of which I can verify.

Am I missing a setting somewhere? see screenie.

What version of the backup and restore module are you running? I am having issues with backing up via FTP also.

Backup restore module ver

I can backup to FTP, it just will not do it itself on Scheduled Daily backup.

I am running the same version. I have a feeling our issues are somehow related. I also attempted to do a local backup last night but it failed. My scheduled backups are not running correctly locally or via FTP. The backup wrote nothing when scheduled locally, and only wrote a blank file via FTP.

@JakeDebord - what version of Backup are you on? Also, your screenshot is illegible.

I am running the same version as deanot26508 which is version

For anyone who runs across this post I fixed my no backup issue. There was another backup scheduled to run on the 1st of every month. I removed the backup job from the module and made sure that the scheduled cron job was also gone. Once I made sure both were removed the backup ran successfully to a locally mounted USB.

-Remove job from backup and restore module.
-Used webmin to check under the scheduled cron jobs to view what backups were scheduled to run.

Hope this helps.

Weirdly enough, mine just started to work. I don’t remember doing anything to it the last time… very odd…