No audio when using extensions_custom.conf

so I had a provider that was not sending me a proper DID or at least it wasn’t showing up properly for my asterisk system, I found this article, but after I added the stuff for extensions_custom.conf and then added the stuff for the trunk, the calls route properly, which is good, but I loose audio? nothing!!! Please help!!! I’ve been told that my nat may be the issue, but I don’t understand why the nat would change?

before is the file PN-peer
after is PN-USER

I don’t know why you are having audio issues, and I am opting not to squint at screen caps. There is a FreePBX context reserved for getting the DID from the to header:


thanks for your reply, and please forgive me for being ignorant, where would I put that? in the trunk? or somewhere else?

Set the trunk context to from-pstn-toheader, no custom code required.

same issue no audio… I probably should have put in here that we have to have a special IP address for our other sip provider, it is an internal IP address
so one nic is plugged into our lan and is routeable to the internet through nat, the other is totally on the ISP network… I believe when I get the no audio thing is because it is using the NAT IP of the ISP instead of the LAN IP?