No audio when device is on mobile data

called established, but no audio when caller is on mobile data. It works well when caller is on WIFI

Are you forwarding the correct RTP ports on your firewall to your PBX?

Use sngrep to watch for successful SIP connections and any negotiated SDP sessions, (many providers suppress voip)

I think so. it works when my device connected to WiFi. Device A (on WiFI) called Device B( on mobile data), call established with audio. But Device A (on mobile) called Device B( on mobile data), call established without audio.

Please confirm that it works when connected to Wi-Fi at another location. If not, the trouble is likely unrelated to mobile; it’s just that remote extensions aren’t working correctly, probably related to port forwarding.

Route/firewall make/model? VoIP-related settings in it? Does it get a public IP address on its WAN interface? If not, your modem is probably configured as a gateway. Make/model?

Yes, it works when connected to wi-fi at another location.

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