No Audio until Noise on Outbound Call?

Sorry for reposting this if it is already posted on this forum…

I have SipGate and CallCentric setup as sip trunks (both outbound). When I make an outbound call on either trunk, I cannot hear any audio on the other end until I make a noise into my handset. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I remember there’s some setting to transmit the sound only when the tunnel have voice to save the bandwidth ?

Do you remember how I would go about fixing this? Do you know if has to do with a setting on my Cisco 7912 or is it an Asterisk Setting?

Does anyone know how to fix this problem!!!?? I have everything working great except this.

When I make a call out on my CallCentric Trunk, I don’t get any audio until I make a noise (like blow into the handset mic) on my end. The person I called could make as much noise as they wanted and I still can’t hear them until I make the noise.

This is on a Cisco 7912G, if that makes a difference.

I have no idea why it’s doing this… Please help!! Thank you sooo much!

Try to find a setting called “Voice VAD” and disable it.
It’s function I mention before, hope this works for you.

Thank you! I am looking right now! :slight_smile: