No Audio SangomaTalk

I can ring external numbers and extensions from my iPhone w/ Sangoma Talk, but I have no audio going either way. After searching through the forums, I understand it is “probably a NAT issue.” So I double checked my Ubuiquiti UNIFI Firewall and the Responsive Firewall (I did not know the server whitelist could change periodically) and continue to have the same problem. Do you think I should look into setting up a STUN server? I do not have a static IP address - is this something I should consider? If you are interested in the Asterisk log , I have it in this pastebin:

Perhaps for $5 a month, consider moving your server to ‘the cloud’ , there are a lot of ‘good things’ by doing it, few ‘bad things’,

I’ve thought about it. One of my other posts dealt with power and internet outages due to a winter storm - I suppose this would fix that too…

I see several more expensive FreePBX cloud servers when I search. Is the $5 /month cloud server subscription one where I would pay for the server space, then install FreePBX on it and restore my backup from my onsite? Sounds straightforward, what am I missing? What are some of the ‘bad things’?

few bad things apart from $, lots of good things like rare outages or winter storms. I would look for a real KVM for robust networking.

How is setup for those? Will I still need to configure an external firewall? When I was looking at email hosting, several services would not open the ports that I needed to be able to host. I’m OK with some fiddling around, but KVM is an entirely new area for me to explore. I saw a PBXact that had all the setup and management done for you all the way to $2.50 / month for what looks like a very basic server space. Somewhere in between FreePBX has one with Cyberlink that can be either managed or unmanaged. Thank you for your help thus far.

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