No Audio... over public IP from IP Phone

Hello, I have a Grandstream IP Phone and it’s connected to my freepbx server over my public IP address and it registers perfectly fine but there is no audio (incoming or outgoing.) I also, have a softphone that is registered over the same public IP address but works perfectly fine.

If I connect the IP phone directly to my router it works but because of where the router is located I can’t do that so, I have the phone connected to my PC’s ethernet port and my computer is configured to share the wireless connection to the ethernet port. I have a hunch that is the issue. If anyone could help me out I would much appreciate it!

If you are doing this, it’s a NAT behind a NAT. A single NAT is hard enough, but adding a second one is not going to work. There just isn’t enough information in the return packets to get your audio to the renatted phone.

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Hmm. do you know of anyway to connect an IP phone over a wireless network?

Thanks for the reply!

I assume that is the Android version of the Grandstream? You do not mention what model. You connect it the same way any other Android device is connected,

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