No Audio on Outgoing Calls - New Setup from Scratch

Hi All,

Brand new setup from scratch, and we’re unable to hear any audio on outgoing calls. Unable to test incoming as this is a trial account we’re using as a test.

Version Details as follows:

Virtual Machine: Yes
Virtual Host: VMWare vSphere 5 Enterprise Plus
Virtual Guest: CentOS 5.7 Final
Kernel Version: 2.6.18-274.7.1.el5

Asterisk Version:
Asterisk Addons:
Dahdi Complete:
FreePBX: 2.9.0
LibPRI: 1.4.12
LAME: 3.99

Trunk Provider - FaktorTEL (Trial Prepaid Account)

New Installation followed to the letter using FreePBX Installation Guide located at

Asterisk and friends start up fine, no errors on bootup.

Unable to hear anything when an outgoing call is made. Using Counterpath’s Bria 3 Windows Edition to make an outgoing call. Can only hear dial/ring tone, but not sure if this is from the actual app itself. Can dial outbound and the call does go through and ring the external line, but there is no audio heard from the external line.

Have clicked AutoConfigure on network settings and it has successfully picked up the external and local addresses. There is a direct NAT to this Virtual Machine and if we go to, it shows the correct external IP Address as it’s IP Address.

Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,


Also, forgot to mention, using Juniper NetScreen 5GT w/FW Version 6.2r11 as the firewall.


Hi All,

You can disregard this help request - issue has been resolved.

Looks like the new firmware of the firewall has resolved the SIP ALG / VoIP Issues. Disabling SIP ALG and forcing NAT on the actual firewall policy rule has fixed it. Audio is now working 2 way.