No audio on outbound calls

We have a customer with about 14 remote phones on a pbxact 12.7.8-2203-2 appliance. Have a problem with one that was setup a month or so ago:

The last several days, every time I try to call out, the call would connect, but I could not hear anything. I discovered if I pressed the hold button twice, (on-off) I could hear, so I was doing that for every outgoing call, at the instant of connecting. Incoming calls were normal.

This location is double nat, the ISP can’t provide a public static ip.

Double NAT is going to cause all sorts of problems. Go to Advanced > Asterisk SIP Settings and make sure you have your NAT settings and external IP set correctly.

I should have clarified, the remote phone is double nat, the pbx has a public static and NAT and external ip are correct on the pbx.

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