No audio on internal calls

The staff have iphones without sim cards and are only using internally on wifi, the devices do not leave the premises. We have purchased 20 licenses and thought it was all setup correctly, we are testing at the moment and have found that calls made internally to each other have no audio either way.

I have inbound and outbound for internal and external calls on force call recording.

The strange thing is the call recording is played back and the two entries for either side of the call records them both saying β€œcan you hear me?” indicating that freepbx can hear them both but the staff cannot hear each other.

I have the networks listed on sip settings and firewall (The iphones are on a separate VLAN to the PBX).

from asterisk cli

rtp set debug on

and see where the media is going

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Thanks for the tip, it enabled me to isolate the issue and I have since corrected the firewall rules on PFSense.
Two Way audio achieved!

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