No Audio on internal Calls

Hey everyone,

I have a new install of FreePBX on a VPS, and set it up and configured 2 extensions and added and they register with the PBX and appear as online.

One is a soft phone on my computer another one is a soft phone on my phone. I can start a call between them and it connects, however I can not hear any audio on either phone.

On my mobile soft phone is I open statistics then it shows that its sending packets consistently but not receiving any.

From what I have read this almost always seams to be a NAT issues, however since it is an VPS that is open to the internet there is no NAT on the servers side.

For my firewall settings I have my network adaptor set to the Internet Zone, with my office static IP added as a local zone, and those rules seam to work, as it respects my services setting, only allowing access to the admin panel from the trusted IP address.

The server also seams to be using more RAM then I would have expected, around 1-1.4 GB of ram when it is essentially running idol, which seams high as some people seam to run FreePBX on machines with much less RAM then that.

I am running FreePBX running Asterisk 14.6.0
I just installed from the 1701-1 ISO

PS: I do not currently have any SIP trunks associated to the FreePBX, so can not test “real” calls, but I assume that if internal calls don’t work then other ones won’t either.

I’m not sure this is a completely safe assumption. You’re going to need to tell us more about your server implementation and your local network.

My suspicion is that, as you gather the network information for your server and clients, you’ll see where the NAT or firewall settings are killing your RTP packets.

The server is a cloud VPS that is fully exposed to the internet, except for a hardware firewall that only SSH, smtp and RDP ports as well as blocking multicast and broadcast traffic.

I did manage to get it working by changing the SIP port to the default 5060 instead of the FreePBX default of 5160, but that is still not ideal, I would like to use a completely different port all together but I guess the soft phones can not cope with that, even though they can connect and register