No audio on external calls

Hi everyone,

I’m having hard time trying to troubleshoot this. I set a new system (latest FreePBX version with Asterisk 13) with some pjsip extensions and just one pjsip trunk.

The calls between extensions are ok, the problems begin when i place outside calls: the others can hear me, but i cannot hear the others. here is a log of an outside call:

The same happen if I try to call my sip trunk from my cellphone with an inbound route pointing to an extension: Who is at the cellphone can hear me, but no audio on the VoIP extension. here’s a log of this situation:

Strangest thing is that if I place a call from outside to my sip trunk and as inbound route I put a ring group containing my extension (rather than just my extension) the communication works without any problem at all on both ends. We can hear and talk to each other. Here’s the log of this:

Someone good at troubleshooting this behaviour?
I can provide any other information needed.

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