No audio on endpoints VmWare workstation

I have a Vm of the lasted FreePBX on Vmware workstation running on windows server 2019. I have opened the RTP, and registration ports in windows firewall, and have added an exception in the firewall for VmWare. I have also checked in SIP settings to make sure that the correct internal address was being picked up (it is). I know its not the phone because there are still dialing tones and the ringtone works. There is just silence when the phone answers. Does anyone know a fix or what the problem is.

Please use bridged networking.
Calling *43 (echo test) can you hear the announcement? Your echo?

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Bridge mode is in use, the VM was installed with this already enabled. It has its own IP address separate from the computer it is running on. There is no noise from *43

After a reboot, the problem has seem to have resolved it self. I made no changes, not sure why it started working.

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