No Audio on Bria app using cell signal

So I got my FreePBX v14 with asterisk v15 after the massacre of using FreePBXv15 but long story short found out that it was in ALPHA!!!

Anyways I can make calls and here clearly using wifi signal but when I turn on just a cell phone signal I can establish the call but no audio what so ever… Tested with just accessing voicemail no audio on that either!

I’m using ports 5060 (Chan_SIP) and 10000-20000 for RTP. Again I can hear and access everything fine with a regular wifi hotspot but not a cell phone signal w/ data. Maybe a question for Bria?

I am using AT&T as my carrier.

Are these two different extensions? What type of extensions? And do you have the one using Bria set to be behind NAT?

Please confirm:

UDP ports 10000-20000 forwarded in your router to the LAN IP address of the PBX.
In Asterisk SIP settings, External Address and Local Networks are correctly set, and Asterisk has been restarted (not just reloaded) after any changes.
You have NAT Mode set to Yes for the Bria extension.

If no luck, please post:
On-site or cloud? If cloud, provider?
If on-site: virtual or physical? If virtual: Platform? Networking mode?
On public IP or behind NAT? If behind NAT, ISP? Modem make/model? Separate router, if any?
Using chan_sip because?
Changed chan_sip bind port because?
Does Bria work correctly on Wi-Fi at a different location from the PBX?
iOS or Android?
Have you tried another SIP app?
On both Wi-Fi and mobile data, do incoming calls ring the phone? If so, is there audio in either direction?

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