No Audio on a Follow Me route when calling from outside

Hi everybody,

i’m using a FreePBX Distro version 2.10 and i have set up a Follow Me application for one of my extensions. The Follow Me rule is to call the extention first and then to call me on my cellphone (hunt). The Follow Me application works in general. When calling my extension from within my company (other voip phone, snom model 821, connected to FreePBX), the call is being transferred to my cell and audio works fine (both parties can talk). Yet, when calling my extension from outside (e.g. from another cellphone), then both parties don’t have audio when the call is being transferred to my cellphone. Does anybody have an idea what i could/should be looking for in the logs? I’m fairly new to FreePBX and don’t have a clue what could cause this.

For those with a similiar issue: i have found a workaround at

I set progressinband=yes in my SIP trunk and now, miraculously, audio works fine now.