NO audio on a few numbers only

Hi I have two fairly similar installations at separate sites, both using Freepbx 13.0 ( the minor number are different), Both using engine trunks in Australia, both using a mix of cisco 7841 and 7962 handsets, both migrated from CUCM. user has logged an issue that he cant call a particular number from his 7841 handset however a colleague can call it who is using a 7962. Note that the 7962 are using chan_sip where as the 7841 are using PJSIP. I tried the number at the second site and it works on both model handsets. I have compared all aspects of the configuration and cant for the life of me find what is going wrong. At both sites phones and server are on the same subnet so not a Nat issue.

Have attached two traces, names speak for themselves. the only difference i se is the logging for strict rtp which doesn’t appear in the Brocken log

logs.tgz (4.3 KB)

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