No audio from remote

Hi, I’ve got a FreePBX and it works quite fine. I managed to configure all my needs, but now I’d like to access it remotely, BRIA on iPhone registers but there’s no audio.
I’ve got an Unifi router with NAT and port forwarding 5060 to 5060 to the PBX IP.
What can I try?
Please help. :frowning:

See the RTP sub-heading in Ports, and the endless confusion they cause

Thanks, @david55 but this means that I have to port fwd also the RTP ports range?

BTW, I forgot to mention that BRIA registers only if in the “Responsive Firewall” I set “SIP Protocol (pjsip)” enabled.

Yes, although assuming your test call is simple, e.g. from Bria to an internal extension or an external number, that’s probably not your problem.

In Asterisk SIP Settings, confirm that External Address and Local Networks are correctly set. If you change these, you must restart Asterisk. Also, confirm that for the Bria extension, RTP Symmetric, Rewrite Contact and Force rport are all Yes.

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