No audio from recordings

Not sure why I am posting this as NONE of my previous posts have ever had a response. Even after weeks of waiting.

I have no audio from recordings, IVR, voicemail. Nada. If I dial 7777# I can hear them.

I don’t believe it is a NAT issue. I have 5004 - 5080 SIP (UDP) ports forwarded and 10000 - 20000 RTP ports forwarded.

This was working and my only crime was to install a hardware phone other then the X-Lite soft fone I was using.

This time vampire has robbed me of precious days. And when I post on here no one replies.

Really troubled by this flaky piece of kit.

Well, lack of details. That is why you don’t get any replies.

  1. What version of Asterisk?
  2. What version of FreePBX?
  3. Do you use any distro like AsteriskNow or PBX in a Flash?
  4. What firewall do you use?
  5. Have you checked your logs from Asterisk?
  6. What kind of hard phone have you connected?

Really troubled by the lack of details…

There’s just not enough info for us to work with. For example:

I have no audio from recordings, IVR, voicemail. Nada. If I dial 7777# I can hear them.

This statement contradicts itself.

When do you have no audio? Calling in, outside calls passing through your firewall? Extension to extension?

How did your record your audio? Did you go through the FreePBX module or upload the audio. Just for your info, we are using a PBX system where it follows the rules for DS0 lines 8 bits 8khz audio so if you record audio it should follow those rules…

The IVR is using out of box recordings (“abandon all hope all ye who dial here”). I have recorded a voicemail OGM. Neither play through a call received from a PSTN line, but if I call from 7777# both are clearly audible.

I am using FreePBX running on CentOs (AsteriskNow) in a virtual machine running on Sun VirtualBox which is running on an Ubuntu 64 bit host.

Not sure how you find out which version of Asterisk.

I am using the firewall built into my Linksys WRT610N wireless router.

I am using a LinkSys SPA921 phone.

Well, if you hear them when dialing 7777 but not from your VOIP line then it most certainly are your Linksys to blame. Make sure that you have open up UDP ports range 10000 - 20000 on the Linksys.

To find out the version of Asterisk, open a shell to the pbx and type asterisk -r it will show what version of Asterisk you are running.

And for the record, PSTN (Public switched telephone network) is analogue lines that connects to a card in your PBX, if you use a Linksys it is called VOIP (Voice Over IP) and I guess that you use VOIP as a FXS (Foreign eXchange Subscriber) card can’t be used in a VirtualBox.