No audio during call

I configured pjsip extension 201 to direct calls to a mobile phone.
I also set up an inbound route to forward all calls to extension 201

When I call the sip number, the mobile phone rings, but when I answer it there’s no audio whatsoever.
I suspect there’s something wrong with the sip trunk configuration but I don’t know which settings are related to sound.

You have another thread about this already. One in which I replied to recently with more tips on what to check for this issue. Please do not open new threads for an issue you already have an active thread on. It stops people from being able to follow the entire conversation, as you will get comments in both. It also means people are repeating the same thing in different threads.

that was about failed calls. this one was created because the call was successful, but there’s no audio

OK, yes but you said there was failed audio in your last post. I followed up on that comment to help with the audio. Others who read that would have done the same or contributed as the scope of the issue changed.

I mean, I did reply with tips on your no audio issue 30 minutes before you started this thread.

for some reason I’m not getting any email notifications for replies. So I have to check manually all the time. Sorry for the trouble.