No audio coming from phones on VLAN

I have my FreePBX on my primary network and have a VLAN setup for all of the phones. If I plug a phone into the primary network, everything works perfectly. If I plug a phone into the VLAN everything works except outgoing audio.

In my Edgerouter firewall I have setup the VLAN in to allow all traffic to the primary and on the primary I have allowed all traffic coming from the VLAN. If I look at the firewall stats I can see both firewall rules allowing the traffic but the audio doesn’t work. The phone registered with the FreePBX and can make and receive call, just no outbound audio.

Does your local network settings in SIP section reflect the IP range of your network?

SETTINGS-> Asterisk SIP settings
make sure “Local Networks” has a valid entry for that VLAN.
Maybe something like /

Bingo! I figured it was something very simple but I couldn’t find it. Thanks for the help.