No Audio between two internal extensions

So we’re using a PBXact 40 and two Sangoma phones internally for testing and for some reason there’s no audio between the two phones. They’ll ring each other but neither end can be heard. If I call voicemail for example though I hear audio from the system. Everythings configured as internal

Is this a new system? Other extensions on this PBX are working fine?

New configuration just these two extensions configured so far PJSIP extensions

Are both phones and the PBX on the same network? Did you add that subnet under Settings > SIP Settings?

Yes everythings on the same LAN / subnet. SIP Settings > NAT Settings > Local Networks has the full subnet listed

Please post a call trace:

So simply rebooting the unit seems to have fixed it in the end. So possibly some configuration change was just hanging as audio is now working

You probably hadn’t restarted Asterisk after configuring the SIP Settings

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