No Audio between 2 FreePBX boxes

I am trying to migrate from 1 FreePBX server to another. Step 1 is to have the two boxes talk to each other so I can route calls between them.

I followed the instructions listed here:

I can now place calls and have it ring an extension on the other box, but there is no audio.

Any advice as to what the problem might be?



IAX2 uses udp port 4569 , monitor that connection for traffic, both the signalling (that you say works) and the audio should be visible, make sure you have your calltokens set right.

Why don’t you tell us the versions and how the systems were setup (required to get help) then post your trunk configs.

Did you happen to see the post labeled “read this before posting”

I figured it out. One of the servers didn’t support encryption.

Ifr you want encryption on IAX2, try:-

no “server support” needed.