No Audio Between 2 Extensions

I am using freepbx with cisco SPA502 phones. We have configured two extensions and able to call on extensions. Phone rings but there is no audio. Can anyone help on this ?


Can you add a little detail, are both these extensions on the same lan and subnet, or separated in some way? Are they the only two extensions configured, or do you have others and those work fine?
What version of FreePBX, what version of Asterisk and are you using chan_sip or chan_pjsip?

FreePBX Version 13.0.85
Asterisk Version: 13.7.1
We are using chan_sip

Both these extensions are running in same LAN/ Subnet.

both of them using same codecs?

I’ve no real idea what is causing this, but in the interest of gathering more information, if you dial a system extension, voicemail *79 on this phone, do you hear anything?

If there’s no audio between phone A and phone B, let’s see if there is audio between phone A and the system.

Are they also in the same LAN/Subnet as the server? Firewall issues are almost always the problem when one-way audio is the problem.

My firewall will not reliably connect me to a phone in my network when I dial the phone number of the PBX from inside the same network. I can reliably get the phones to work when going extension to extension with the PBX server in the same network.

Did you ever find the solution? Could you post it?

Can you please discribe the isuue you have?

It was two years and at least two major updates ago, so it was probably something in his local config.

To echo @PitzKey - What problem are you having? Whatever it is, it is probably not the same problem the OP had, so perhaps a new topic (instead of a two-year-old dead one) would be more appropriate?

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Hi. I had just moved a VM from one Vsphere stack to another and had multiple issues.

The issue was two extensions directly calling had missing audio.

It appeared that the external IP was saved on the web GUI in multiple places, which I had missed. Manually editing sip_settings-additional got it to work. I grepped the database files to finally find it.

Thank you for your concern.

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