No Audio After System Admin Update

I had a perfectly working FreePBX 13 server using PJSIP, for at least 4 months. Today, I decided to upgrade from 10.13.66-20 to 10.13.66-21 using the System Admin module. After this update, I no longer have audio in either direction. For example, I can make a call to my cell phone sitting right next to me and everything appears to be OK, I answer the call, but no audio in either direction. When making the call, I also do not hear the typical ringing when a call is made. A packet trace on my firewall shows no blocked traffic and has absolutely no RTP traffic flowing. Any help in troubleshooting this would be appreciated. Thanks.

Created 2 brand new PJSIP extensions and we can dial each other, but still no audio in either direction.
Asterisk 13.17.1


What are you seeing in the console (or the logs) when you place that call?

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This is what fixed the issue: Under Asterisk SIP Settings, General tab, I had to remove the 1 Local Network I had listed there. As soon as I did this, everything started working again. This 1 local network that I had listed was used for when I connect to the VPN and have to then reference the server with a local private IP. I have had this there since day 1, so I have no idea why now it was causing this problem. Maybe the FreePBX staff can help out here?

This latest update (10.13.66-21) to FreePBX 13 is causing no audio problems with every server I have. On my PJSIP server above, I had to remove the Locals Networks from the Asterisk SIP Settings, but on my CHAN_SIP servers, I now have to add the clients local networks that are connecting remotely to the server, otherwise they have no audio. Something has seriously changed regarding this setting on the latest update. I would appreciate some feedback about this from FreePBX.