No audio After reboot (for a few hours)

Hi to all.

My freepbx running on Raspberry Pi4 v15 have a curious problem.

All works great, but if i need to reboot the Pi all the incoming call from my Messagenet PJSIP trunk have no audio. The log file report no error and play normally the audio file, but absolutely no audio making a call from outside. If i leave it for a few hours (sometimes a night) it start to work again like a charm!

I’m not a deep expert, but it’s possible to be a Messagenet problem? i need to sent some command to reset the trunk or other stuff?

Please help me to solve this annoying issue.
if additional info from my systems are needed, just ask what kind i have to post.

Joe (From Italy)

I assume you’re behind a NAT router, do you have all RTP ports (10k-20k) forwarded to your PBX?

Thanks for reply

I have a UDM Pro with a DSL modem on WAN port. In UDM Pro i have forwarded the 10k-20k ports to PBX. i need to do same in DSL modem too?

and…why it come back to work after a while without any changes?


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