No audio after installing new router

I have recently replaced my router and now have no audio.

  • I can call out & receive calls
  • SIP station firewall test is ok.
  • I can hear the fictitious dial tone when originating a call.
  • The VOIP phones on the FREEPBX side have no audio.
    What else should I try?

I verified all my port forwarding:
SSH 22 22 22 22
MediaGateway 2727 2727 2727 2727
IAX2 4569 4569 4569 4569
SIP 5004 5082 5004 5082
wadmin 9001 9001 9001 9001
RTP 10000 20000 10000 20000


some routers require you to do port forwarding under the nat section but also require to you allow the forwards in the firewall section.

I noticed that the router did not have a specific SIP enable/disable feature.
I bought another router with a SIP enable/disable feature, which I disabled, then
everything worked as expected.