No Asterisk log files. Running

I have a fairly new install, and have not seen anything displayed in the log files, either in the gui, or when I SSH in. I know that just can’t be, but not sure where to look at or how to correct it. I can compare two working systems, and they are identical, except, one shows log files and the other does not.

You will need to log into the WebUI and go to “Asterisk Log File Settings” under “Settings” on the far right. Here you can enable logging.

Here’s the two screens. the top works, the bottom doesn’t. I don’t see where to enable logging, I don’t recall doing that on the first one. Looking now, I can see the two look slightly different. Looking at the two modules, the one that works is 15.0.13, and the one that does not, is 15.0.4

There was a bug that wiped out log file settings on some systems.

Go to Settings -> Asterisk Logfile Settings -> Log Files
and turn back on the desired options. I believe that the defaults are Debug, Error, Notice, Verbose and Warning, for both console and full.

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I went and checked out the settings, and they were all off! That did the trick. Thanks.

I believe this was a bug, and it’s already fixed in the latest version of the logfile module.

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