"Night Ringer" Recording? What is it?

I’m looking to implement a simple PA system (one speaker).
Watching this video (at 2:15 minute mark), he talks about “night ringer”.
Did I get that right?
Is that what it’s called?

I’m interested in setting up the PA in that same fashion.
Be able to dial an extension and use it as a PA (live announcements).
Yet I found quite useful the dial a different extension, and have a recording play through the PA.

How could I achieve this?
I’ve got a FreePBX setup up and running, yet: what’s the terminology?
Is “night ringer” the correct name for this?

Thank you!

Most loudspeakers (I know algo has this option as well) allows you to register two extensions, one is for regular page the other is for the purpose of having a “loud ringer”.
For example, if you are in a loud environment and want to know when your phone is ringing, you’d add that extension to your FollowMe list. Or if you want that everytime someone is by the door, you’d add that extension to the doorbell ringgroup.

So if you want to play announcements through the pager, you can setup a page group in FreePBX and then select the announcement you want it to play.

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