Night mode for all incoming calls?

I need to setup a night mode so all incoming calls get routed to an outside number. *271 for example could be a button she manually pushes. I tried time conditions. It says activated but never actually does anything, I still get the IVR

Use a time condition that points to a virtual extension with a follow me going to the external number.

I did that and either get dead air or it still goes to the IVR

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I really need more info about your setup. Are you on freepbx 13? Did you put a # symbol after your phone number in the follow me? It sounds like a config problem since I have TONS of follow me’s setup that way. Could also try the CFC method as that is simpler when you are not messing with time groups.

You don’t need followme or fancy voodoo, there is a module that does exactly this

can you share? I really need this working

like adtopkek mention the night mode module is called call flow control now. you can use blf key to see and toggle the night mode status.

but in your case you better use time conditions and overide code. same you can use blf key.

When I turn this on I still get the IVR even though it it enabled

its not working for me

My preferred method is to use time conditions, and put the cell number in a ring group to go to when the time condition matches.

You need your inbound rout to point to the time condition. I don’t see that anyone has confirmed you had done this.

Maybe you need to outline for us what u have done so we may assist. You say you have it setup correctly, well I think you need this verified.

The pic of the callflow u had posted is not correct.


I cannot use a time condition, they want to turn this feature on and off from a phone. The inbound route goes to an IVR. The want to manually make it go to a night service at random times

We cannot do this as the time varies when they close

I need to manually turn this off and on. I have an IVR for the inbound route

@sentinelace - Open your mind. You can use a time condition, you just need to set the constraint on the condition to something that will (theoretically) never be an issue… You can set the time condition to open at something “safe” like 11:00 in the morning. Surely they will have arrived by then, right? Noon, perhaps? 5 PM?

If the condition is “closed” and the closed time goes by, the condition stays closed. If the open condition hasn’t been reached yet and you clear the condition (“open” the lines) they will stay open at the open time. Separate them by a minute (the close as 12:00 noon and open at 12:01). Also remember that time conditions include a day component, so you can have the time toggle on Wednesday (or Monday, or something else - pick one).

While I’ve never used them, I also understand that there are new Call Flow Controls that you can use that don’t require a time condition. Unfortunately, I’ve never played with those, so maybe someone with more experience can give you some pointers there.

I finally got it with a help of a buddy. Inbound route just needs to route to call flow, then you set the destinations from there. Works perfect

This is an old post, but it is relevant to my situation. I have multiple DIDs, each with a unique inbound route. Each inbound route does different things. (route 1 goes to 1 IVR/announcement, route 2 goes to another) Is there a function that would allow me to dial 1 feature code that forces all inbound routes to 1 unique “closed message” (We are closed due to snow, etc)? The only way I know h ow to do it now would be to use call flow controls for each inbound route/DID. But then I would have to dial a feature code for each inbound route/DID. I would like to have to only dial 1 code to set the entire system into the “closed mode”

No. Not without custom dialplan.

Thanks Lorne,

I assume you mean a “custom” dialplan, right?