Next Step

Have been tasked with setting up a VOIP solution for the School I work at but with no funds (at present)! Have brought back to life an old (but good) server and spent a few weeks playing with various systems but have settled on Asterisk with FreePBX. I now have a working ‘internal’ only phone system which I’m quite pleased with; brought a number of Grandstream phones on places like ebay and installed a softphone app on other machines so buildings that had no communication are in touch with the main buildings again.

Now to take it the next step further (again, with no or very little funds). Our existing PBX is old but would like to get the two systems linked in someway but am struggling understanding what is required.

There is a spare analogue line from the existing PBX located in the room where the server is located, so getting some sort of connection to this so there would be at least one line that can be used to link but not sure where to start.

Would appreciate any pointers and help. We are loking in the future for a more complete system (hopefully in the next financial year) but this is just to keep people happy here for now.

Again, thanks in advance.


Thanks for you help - at least I know I’m heading in the right direction.

Next question would be; any recommendations on an ATA or PCI Card?

Many thanks


By spare analogue line - do you mean a port that you can plug a standard phone into and get dial tone from your existing PBX ? If so you can connect * and your PBX so that * is an extension off your PBX. Your options are an ATA with an FXO port or a PCI card with an FXO module. These become your interface via the analogue line between your existing PBX and your * server. Existing PBX analogue port -> FXO interface -> * server. Your using an FXO port as it doesn’t generate dial tone - you get that from your existing PBX. Doing it this way is basic and has its limitations - it depends on what you expect. Outgoing calls from * would dial extns on your PBX. Incoming calls from your PBX would be best sent to an IVR on * so the caller can select who to talk to.
Been in your shoes - hope this helps.