Next FreePBX Releases

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where I can find information about FreePBX next releases, schedule for releases, roadmap, etc…?

want to know if next release based on CentOS8 should be available soon.


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This is where it used to be, but has not been updated for a while.

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There was some talks at astricon with regards to this. I believe @mbrooks is handling distro level stuff. @lgaetz may be a good bear to poke here…

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Yes, the release of FreePBX 16 will be based on CentOS 8. We’re shooting for PHP 7.3 support (but could be 7.2 after testing), we’re also shooting for node 12, but could be node 10 after testing.

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And if the release timeframe is not until the end of next year, half that is all but out of date already…

  1. Please take some time and sink some resources in to updating the backend properly.
  2. Then do a better job of not getting so far behind so it does not take such a large effort to stay up to date.

PHP 7.2 Support ends in 27 days.
NodeJS 10 EOL is April 30, 2021

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