Newest firmware not showing in EPM

(Danny) #1

shows that a new version came out 9/20. to fix some volume issues we are having.

When I check EPM, I dont have that version. I only have 1.57 which is

Typically the firmware versions always auto update into my list so I can upgrade out phones but I am not seeing which should be 1.58

Any ideas why its not coming in ?

(Edwin) #2

Not just you.

(Itzik) #3

Since EPM is a commercial module, it’ll require a ticket with Sangoma (not a regular bug report on to address this issue.

(Asterisk Administrator) #4

Same here - I had to download and manually install for an issue I am having…

(Danny) #5

I reverted to an older firmware to avoid the volume issue.

(P Ramarajan) #6

New EPM FW bundle release i.e. 1.58 has been pushed which has X.0.4.72 firmware. Thanks.

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