Newer Frerebox build server but a littel rusty programming

Hello i haven’t worked with freebpx systems sense Pbx12 asterisk11. So it has been a while. I was helping a friend to setup freepbx for his home so he has two analog phone lines there. but he also has setup on the same system his sister house. Which she also has 2 analog phone lines. But at her house we have setup a grandstream FXO gateway because it was cheap back then and still running with no problem. On the freepbx server we are having problems with it the hardware mother board has blowen a few caps and the hard drive is clicking. My friend called me up and ask if we can build a new one because it is time to retire this one.

We through about things and decided on building his sister a small freepbx and him a freebox server.
The installation should be okay. I’m a little rusty but i think i can handle it.

I did backup the config stuff for the dialout patterns and dial in stuff so i should be okay with that.

The real question is that how can i connect them the two systems together to talk to each other. Becuase both of them work from home and I still would be able to he can just dial a extention to talk to her and she can type in a extention to talk to him like what they have now?

Sense they both shared a server it was no problem. Now they will have there own server I’m not sure how to connect them together.


IAX Trunks?

IAX is simpler, but you can accomplish the same with a SIP trunk. Basically connect systemA to systemB with trunks, then create an outbound route on systemA for when you dial the extension(s) on systemB to go through that trunk. Same thing the other way, create an outbound route on systemB that matches the extension(s) on systemA to go through the trunk you made.

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Right, use PJSIP.

Then make a route, with dial patterns to match.

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Hello is there any ports need to be open? Because these are in different locations besides 5060?


No additional ports needed if you already have the normal port forwarding setup for external calls.

Thank you. I don’t have any port forwarding setup. These are new setup’s.


The default installation of FreePBX requires UDP 5060 and UDP 10000-20000 be port forwarded

Thank you it has been so long sense i have installed a freepbx install hehe. I will try to do a update if anything happens good or bad.


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Hello, I wanted to do a update on this topic. I didn’t know but my friend has a VPN to his sister place. They are linked together. So if i help him with his new freepbx setup and help his sister with her setup i should be able to link them together with no problem? His internal network is a address his sister has a address. I can ping his sisters address with no problem every computer on her network i can ping with no problem. When i go to his sisters house i can ping his network from her house with no problem every computer i can ping.

So i can be able to link both freepbx together in Theory maybe? so they can switch calls back and forth?


You should be able to connect just fine.

With that being said, I don’t think there’s a need for two FreePBX servers.

I agree with @PitzKey. You’d probably be better served just dropping a phone on her network and connecting up via VPN to the server. Simpler, few places to go weird, less money. Everyone wins.

He could do that. But the problem be if he loses internet his sister won’t get or make calls. That will be a problem. WE are going to try to link both systems together and see where it goes.


If his sister loses Internet, she’s not going to be able to place calls anyway, but you do you.

Actually that is not true. The calls will be going in and out. Just the link will not be there between him and his sister. I have lost internet in the past and my freepbx was still able to make calls because the lines are local to me analong lines. My friends lines are analog lines and his sister lines are analog as well. So if one of them loses internet not a big deal.


Hello, I’m looking into setting up the PJSIP from sorvani. But I do have a couple of questions. One thing i was wondering if I set this up this way Can i transfer multiple calls from people to my sister? Also I’m looking to setup my brother with his own as well. He will be taking over my paper work. If i set it up one can I can call his extention and our sister can call his extention at the same time?



Depending on how the interconnection is done, yes.

I’m working on trying to setup using the pjsip.


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