Newbie with couple of questions

I’ve just gotten an in-home PBX setup with Asterisk 1.4x and FreePBX 2.5x working, mainly as a means of filtering out the constant telemarketing calls we’re getting. I’m using an SPA3102 as the interface to our PSTN, and currently do not have a VOIP provider. I’ve got a couple of questions, one a “how-do-I”, the other a minor problem I’ve noticed.

First, my wife has a Sorenson VP-200 (video relay service), and I’d like for our PBX to ignore incoming PSTN calls related to that. Is there a way to tell FreePBX to ignore certain incoming PSTN caller id numbers?

Second, I’ve noticed that – on internal calls or incoming/outgoing PSTN calls – the beginning of the audio is cut off. For example, if I call another extension, when it goes to voicemail, I only hear “…tension 202 is not available…”. Is there a way to add a one or two second delay to prevent the starting audio from being cut off?

There is (currently) no simple way for FreePBX to be configured to ‘ignor’ certain callerID’s. That being said, you can try setting the destination to hangup in inbound routes.

Regarding the cutoff: what are you using as endpoints?

Endpoints? Newb-alert here; I’m assuming you mean where the calls “end up at”. Right now, I’m using softphones on a couple machines in the house. Not only is there sometimes cutoff of the initial audio, but – at least on the softphones – there is a problem with low volume. My own research tells me I may have to tinker a lot with this; there seems to be so many variables. So I may have to save that question for later as I learn and play with all this. I’m amazed at how easy this has been to set up and get operating.

As for getting the system to ignore (not pick up) incoming PSTN calls based on caller id, I thought about setting up one or more trunks that – as you suggest – hang up. I’d been thinking that the caller id info is available to the SPA3102 before it even needs to “pick up” on the PSTN line, that I could create either a trunk, a custom extension script, or something, that would look at the caller id and if it matches, just never answer the PSTN. There’s only a couple of phone numbers I need this done for.

Either that or make the leap into converting the whole house to use the PBX. Getting a SIP-phone would technically solve the Sorenson “voiceover” problem (where someone calls the Sorenson, and they phone the house so someone can see the interpreter but speak over the phone).

It’s too bad that the SPA3102 evidently cannot discriminate, or otherwise flag for Asterisk, Distinctive Ring. We have three Distinctive Rings set up on our PSTN line: one for home, one for business, and one for faxing. Being able to filter calls based on Distinctive Ring would also probably solve the “ignore some incoming calls” problem. Getting the PBX to ignore incoming faxes is a question for another day, and it looks like there’s a ton of info on that out there anyway.

I’m assuming you used the HOWTO: Linksys SPA-3102/Sipura SPA-3000 + FreePBX document to set up your SPA-3102 - if so you should be getting Caller ID coming into your Asterisk box. So make a general Inbound Route for calls from the SPA-3102 (you should have already done this) and then make another inbound route with the exact same DID, but specify the CID of the number you want to ignore. As a destination, try sending it to Terminate Call | Play ringtones to caller until they hang up - if I’m correct in my thinking, this will not actually “answer” the call, which seems to be what you want. Try it and see.

Edit: Or it may not answer but both sides will hear the ringing tones, which would not be good. In that case this becomes a more difficult problem to resolve.

The Zaptel or DAHDI software can distinguish different ring cadences.

If you install a Zaptel FXO board such as an Openvox on the low end or a Rhino on the high end you can do exactly what you want.

You can even use the ZAP DID module and route the distinctive ring lines using the FreePBX inbound routes module.

Wiseoldowl, I did use the SPA3102+Freepbx document, which worked perfectly first time, no problems.

I’m going to fiddle with the inbound trunks thing this weekend and see what it does. Pretty much all I want it to do really is if someone calls on the Sorenson Voiceover number, I don’t want my PBX to answer it. Thanks for the help.

SkyKing, I did notice looking through all the docs that some Zaptels could understand distinctive ring. I ended up going with the SPA3102 because I got it cheap, it looked easy when compared to some posts about Zaptel boards being problematic (“gotta find the right one”) in many posts on several sites, and (my bad) I misinterpreted the 3102’s use of “distinctive ring”. I’m doing this real low budget at the moment, so it may be later (if at all) that I spring for a Zaptel. I’ll bear it in mind as I tinker and see what my new toy will do.

I appreciate the help. I’ve got several options now, and things to try; I should be able to eventually get things to work the way I want.