Newbie trunk question

First of all i hope i’m in the right area, if not my apologies.

I’ve got a question regarding trunks. I’ve got an arcadyan vgv7519 modem/router wich has some SIP accounts in it. When i connect my SIP phone to it, i can make and receive calls. So i was wondering if i can use that SIP account as a trunk for freePBX?

I’m at a point where i can make an outbound call, but don’t have audio both ways. Inbound isn’t working at all.

Maybe i’m trying to do something that isn’t possible, but i’m guessing it’s just my stupidity :stuck_out_tongue:

Info: I’ve just installed a softphone to check audio, and i experience the same thing. Totally no audio. When i call from softphone to sipphone and vice verse audio is working just fine.

You can create a SIP trunk pointing to your device. You’ll need to read up on the syntax for entering peer details though. You don’t need to add it directly to sip.conf, but FreePBX doesn’t have an interface for entering a SIP trunk and expects you to just enter the text directly.