Newbie to the Asterisk Srvr Community - Unable to register multiple sub lines via a GW using the same source IP address

Newbie to the Asterisk Server Community - Unable to register multiple subscriber lines ( FXS ) via a GW using the same source IP address. Once the server appears to bind the GW IP and successfully registers the 1st line, it rejects the registration attempts of the additional lines with 403s.

Can someone shed a lil’ light on how to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance

Depends on the GW but in general one ip/port per FXS is needed to diffentiate, some GW can handle that by the EXT on their own Network interface

Thanks for the response, but I wish it were that simple. Unfortunately with this gateway it doesn’t appear to be an option.

Maybe someone else has a “this gateway”

I intentionally excluded the vendors name for a reason Dicko, but I thoroughly appreciate the assist regardless. I think I found a work around by building the extensions as chan_pjsip instead , and revising the endpoint identification order. We’ll see what happens.

That appeared to do the trick, as all of my endpoints are now registered with the same IP & port. Again, I appreciate the assist and will more than likely have additional ?'s later.

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